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Website Design Portfolio

Some sites I've worked on:

Since many of my customers change their sites themselves and some sites are no longer online, screenshots can be viewed by clicking the checkmarks. This could really use a lot of updates, but for a more current portfolio, check out Allurl Design Website Design Portfolio.

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Work & Contributions
Type of business
Marge LeBel site contains flash Pastel Portraits of People and Pets  
Mediation Day Michigan Mediation Services  
FSBOextra.com For Sale By Owner: Real Estate Sales and Listings  
Clip and Go Agility Dog Agility Equipment  
Electric-Motor-Works site contains flash online shopping Electric Motors  
Horns Medical online shopping Medical Products view screenshot for Horns Medical
Younique Greek Para site contains flash online shopping Greek Clothing view screenshot for Younique
healthAIR (now arch environmental group) Environmental consulting, health and safety services, hazardous waste management  
A Fox International online shopping Wig Shop  
Eco-Tech Heating Systems Bio-Mass/Corn-Burning Furnaces view screenshot for Eco-Tech Heating Systems
Debbie's Moonwalk Rentals Moonwalk Rentals view screenshot for Little Debbie's Moonwalk Rentals
Collection Service Bureau, Inc. Collection Services view screenshot for The Beaded Connection
Quality Way Products Basement Columns  
Flagpoles Etc. Flags and Flagpoles view screenshot for Flagpoles Etc.

Lawrence Day Law Web Builder site

Personal Injury Lawyer view screenshot for Lawrence Day Law
RSVP with ease online shopping RSVP services view screenshot for RSVP with Ease
Kimberly Fence site contains flash Fencing company view screenshot for Kimberly Fence
Bangle Dan / The Beaded Connection site contains flash online shopping Beaded Jewelry view screenshot for The Beaded Connection

Website Design Portfolio Archive

Details (click to expand)

  • WendyLeBel.com
    • FrontPage, Dreamweaver, SwishMax, flash, Fireworks...
    • Usually I use Corel PhotoPaint and CorelDraw for graphics.
  • DirectToYouCleaners.com
    • Logo and color scheme was already designed, so I just added to it and developed the site.
  • BangleDan.com
    • Did all the work on the osCommerce
    • Tons of clean up for graphics - he had professional photos taken, but they weren't web-friendly
  • FlagpolesEtc.com
    • altered original design graphics to be faster to load (and better for search engines)
    • organized and renamed pages
    • improved site for search engines
    • made easier to use for customers (detailed descriptions for orders), etc.
  • MargeLeBel.com
    • Pastel portraits (my mom's site).
    • Resized tons of images and made graphics, put them into the Gallery program, made an online order form, etc.
  • CheckUpChart.com
    • This is a migraine book site.
    • Made with SiteStudio (so it can be edited).
    • Used JavaScript to calculate shipping and tax and to send variables to php code.
    • Edited sample php code provided by authorize.net to include all the variables from JavaScript.
    • Book cover design created by the author.
  • DiamondEdgesports.com
    • Bike sales.
    • Front Page site. He plans to edit it (in progress).
    • Made the logo, initial pages (shell for them to work with), and the buttons (with mouseover images).
    • Actually altered an existing font (creating a new one for him in CorelDraw) - he wanted the line through the lettering, but it was hard to read in a different font.
  • KimberlyFence.com
    • Detroit fencing company.
    • Design
    • Created the opening flash (SwishMax).
    • Resized all his photos, cleaned up graphics.
  • CarolynMawbyChorale.org
    • Choir group.
    • Made with SiteStudio (so it can be edited).
    • An outside agency did the logos, I did the other graphics (background altered from original theme image to include the treble clef).
    • Included a login section for Members Only.
  • AbattiorKennels.com
    • Pitbull breeders.
    • Made with SiteStudio (so it can be edited). They made the original version and have edited it since.
    • Did some graphics for them and some editing.
  • LawrenceDayLaw.com
    • Site for a lawyer.
    • Made with SiteStudio (so it can be edited).
    • Did a couple graphics for it.
    • Researched and wrote some pages.
  • SniderFinancial.com
    • Financial company.
    • Made with SiteStudio (so it can be edited).
    • Original graphics done by outside agency.
  • ForesightResearch.com
    • Research company.
    • Front Page site.
    • Did most of the graphics (they wanted a stormy look)


Worked with Concept Three on several projects.

Work that was done before I worked on the sites:

  • People typically give me the copy (or tell me what they want the text to be).
  • All photos were taken by others.
  • Abattior Kennels - Two black and white drawings on the site were done by someone else for Abattior Kennels - I just colored them.  Also, they had the main pages created using Web Builder, so I helped them with external links, graphics, etc.  Redid the site a couple times and worked on a different gallery for them.
  • Bishop Airport - logo, upper terminal faded & made into object, and collage image designed by Concept Three; php coding for Real-Time Flight Information developed by Bryan English.
  • Marge LeBel - The pastel pictures are hers.
  • Lawrence Day Law - He took nice pictures of the knee implants (I just resized and cleaned them up a little).
  • Foresight Research - Edited existing logo.
  • Snider Financial - graphics done (except words in picture of welcome page) by outside agency.
  • Carolyn Mawby Chorale - contract work through agency.  Logo and copy were given to me.  Used the Web Builder (and FrontPage) to create the site.
  • Kimberly Fence - Used existing logo, copy written by agency.  Used Dreamweaver and Swish, etc.
  • A Fox International - this site was already designed by someone else - I just altered some of the graphics, changed some colors, and added tons of products!
  • Electric-Motor-Works - he entered the products into the store.
  • A-RealWorld - they entered the products into the store.
  • DirectToYouCleaners - logo and color scheme was already designed, so I just added to it and developed the site.

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